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Final Ident

What you’ve all been waiting for (or not). I’m pleased and somewhat saddened that this will probably be the last TV Idents post on this blog. It’s been fun and I’ve made friends with After Effect (just don’t mention sound editing). Without further ado: please enjoy! Warning: Contains bright colours; no flashing lights though. Advertisements Continue reading

Making of: TV ident

Learn After effects from scratch, making your ambitions come true, attempting to clip a DLSR to a tripod for half an hour were all obstacles I had to overcome in order to create my ident. This post will detail how this was achieved… 1.  Type something in youtube and you’ll probably find it and that’s … Continue reading

Moire fringing

Moire fringing is a visual limitation in TV idents and filming as a whole. It sounds like the title of a horror movie but moire fringing is simply the phenomenon of patterns overlaying each other to create an undesirable (unless you want your product to feel psychedelic and give people minor seizures) effect. In TV this occurs when the pixel … Continue reading

Pitch script

The secret to success (well I hope the pitch is successful): The pitch for TV Idents I am creating a 10 second ident for the BDC department for their launch of the internet based channel BDC 1. My ident has to serve the purpose of engaging the audience, build brand loyalty and of course entertain. … Continue reading

Pitch practise- feedback

what went well Showed confidence  Well spoken got straight to the point The ident was very clear The ident links well with the Brit School Even better if more eye contact so there is more of an emotional connection (making your pitch more appealing) Should of talked about market research How would your ident connect … Continue reading